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July 27, 2020 | Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a state-of-the-art technology for men and women that permanently reduces or removes itchy or bothersome hair. Thanks to the advancements in hair removal technology, more men and women are enjoying the benefits of smooth, hair-free skin without the hassle of regularly shaving, trimming, or waxing dense areas of hair on their bodies. 

Man posing without body hair.

How Does Laser Hair Removal for Men Work?

Laser hair removal offers many benefits for men seeking an easier, more convenient lifestyle. Laser hair removal works by delivering a beam of highly concentrated light into the targeted area. The pigment, or melanin, in the individual hair follicles absorbs this light, which heats and disables the root from growing (all without harming the surrounding skin). This treatment prevents regrowth of hair by disabling the reproductive cycle of the hair.

Since hair grows in different stages (or cycles), repeated treatments are often necessary.

How Can Laser Hair Removal Help Men in Different Lifestyles?

Men from all backgrounds are benefitting from laser hair removal. Body hair can cause irritation, and shaving body hair can be even more cumbersome when the skin is pulled and pricked. Even the most proper razoring techniques can lead to razor burns and ingrown hairs. 

While many men who have undergone laser hair removal report the efficacy of the treatment, here are some of the ways laser hair removal helps men in different lifestyles:

  • Bodybuilding and Modeling: It’s no secret we live in a culture where it is more socially acceptable for men to spend time on their appearance to look their absolute best. Whether you are a bodybuilder or an amateur or professional model, not having visible signs of hair can dramatically increase your aesthetic appeal during a competition, advertisement, or modeling campaign. Hair can cast shadows on areas you would rather highlight and accentuate. By removing hair in the neck area and back area, patients can enhance their muscular definition. 
  • Athletes: Athletes all over the world are enjoying performance and lifestyle benefits from laser hair removal. Cyclists, runners, swimmers, and endurance athletes claim they experience less irritation, chafing, and unwanted distractions after they have had their hair removed. Additionally, in some endurance sports (such as competitive swimming), hair can produce drag, decreasing an athlete’s overall performance speeds. For athletes, the removal of hair all comes down to time. Some athletes will benefit from improving their record times; other athletes simply enjoy spending more time training instead of grooming their hair. Common hair removal spots include the shins, legs, and arms.

How Can I Learn More About Laser Hair Removal for Men in Tampa, FL?

If you are a man seeking help finding ways to achieve a smooth, hair-free body or face, contact PREMIERE Center for Cosmetic Surgery by calling (818) 400-1465 or filling out our online contact form.

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