Being that the nose is positioned in the center of the face, it can affect a person’s overall facial harmony. When a person is unsatisfied with the appearance of their nose, it can make them feel insecure about how they look to others and in photographs. Rhinoplasty can be performed to improve the size and shape of the nose and to correct nasal deformities.

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

  • Improves the shape and size of the nose
  • Corrects nasal birth defects
  • Corrects nasal defects from injury
  • Fixes nasal breathing problems

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Achieved with

Balanced Facial Features

The nose is often the first visual anchor of the face. It has the ability to influence the entire facial appearance. If it is crooked, too small, or too big, the nose can make the entire contours of the face uneven and unflattering. Often, the nose has a significant impact on the appearance of the jawline, which can create a poorly defined chin. Once the nose is restored to a more youthful, symmetrical position, it can better balance all of the facial features.

Defined Facial Profile

Nasal humps and wide bridges that are naturally occurring or a result of traumatic injury can detract from a person’s natural appearance. By smoothing or streamlining the nasal bridge, it can improve the overall facial profile while providing a more defined and attractive look.

Correct Breathing

A person who snores or has difficulties breathing may have a deviated septum, which happens when the cartilage that separates the nasal passages (septum) becomes crooked. Septoplasty can be performed to straighten the septum of the nose and help a person breathe better by opening the nasal passage airways. A patient can have septoplasty performed alone or combined with rhinoplasty to alter the aesthetics of the nose at the same time.


With improved nasal contours, patients will be happy with their overall more harmonious appearance. They can feel more confident when taking pictures and showing off their nose in public.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The best candidates for rhinoplasty are at least 13 years of age and have met their full facial growth. Patients who are in good health and have realistic expectations about the procedure can undergo rhinoplasty to correct:

  • Nose size
  • Nose width
  • Nasal profile; humps and depressions
  • A nasal tip that is large, bulbous, drooping, or upturned
  • Nostrils that are too large, wide, or upturned
  • Nasal asymmetry
  • A deviated septum

Rhinoplasty is performed under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The procedure typically takes one to two hours. The doctor will make incisions along the inside of the nose, allowing for them to be easily concealed. Through the incisions, cartilage can be trimmed or shaped and the bone can be shaved to straighten the nose, build up a flat bridge, or reduce the size of the nostrils.

A splint or gauze packing will be placed in the nose to support the nose and help retain its shape. Patients will notice some bruising and swelling, which can be controlled with prescribed pain medication.

Once swelling and bruising have subsided, patients will notice a change in the structure and appearance of the nose. However, the nasal contours need time to heal before they can fully refine. Most patients will have residual swelling for six months to one year. By this time, patients will be able to enjoy their permanent outcome. They can enjoy results that show a more flattering nose that creates better facial harmony.

To meet an individual’s goals and preferences, every rhinoplasty procedure is personally designed; therefore, the cost of nose surgery can fluctuate. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average rhinoplasty cost was $4,694 in 2014. This amount does not include anesthesia fees, operating room facilities, or any other related costs. During your consultation at PREMIERE Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we will provide you with the exact cost of your procedure. Financing options are also available to make rhinoplasty an achievable investment.