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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) in Tampa, FL


A loss of elasticity in chest tissues due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging can leave you with a sagging, unattractive breast appearance. Breast ptosis is unavoidable for many women, and there is no at-home trick to restore the look of your breasts. Breast lift surgery can restore the shape and firmness of your breasts, helping you regain confidence in your body.

What Are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

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  • Lifts sagging breasts
  • Gets rid of excess breast tissue and skin
  • Reshapes breast tissue for a better silhouette
  • Repositions the nipple-areola complex for improved nipple projection
  • Resizes enlarged areolas for a more natural appearance
  • Correct asymmetry in breasts

What Can Breast Lift Surgery Correct?

Sagging Breasts

Like with any part of the body, the breasts will sag over time as you age. The age at which the breasts sag will depend on the individual, and it can be affected by losing weight, pregnancy, or simply having larger breasts naturally. The breasts may also sag at different levels, which can lead to asymmetrical breasts. No matter the cause, many women find sagging breasts to be bothersome and unflattering. A breast lift can raise those saggy breasts so that they can have a perky, more youthful appearance.

Downward Nipples

Some women may have nipples naturally pointing downward. For others, as they age and as their breasts sag, the nipples droop as well. When the nipples fall below the breast crease, it dramatically changes the appearance of the breasts and can make them appear as though they are sagging more than they actually are. Breast lift surgery can fix downward nipples by repositioning them to improve the appearance of the nipple projection.

Enlarged Areolas

Women typically have larger areolas than men do. However, the areolas can become enlarged over time with age and weight fluctuations or with hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menopause. Larger areolas can look unnatural and may be unflattering to the rest of the breasts. With a breast lift, your surgeon can resize the enlarged areolas to create a more balanced and desirable look.

What to Expect During Your Breast Lift Recovery in Tampa, FL

What Does Breast Lift Surgery Recovery Entail?

It is normal to feel slight discomfort following surgery and to experience bruising and swelling. You will wear a surgical support bra throughout your recovery. Immediately following your surgery, you will have limited range of motion in your arms, and you must avoid any lifting, pushing, or pulling motions that involve stretching your arms overhead or putting pressure on your arms. It is essential to avoid any strenuous activities, especially with your arms, so you don’t increase your pain during recovery or apply pressure to the incision areas, which could cause unnecessary bleeding. Due to the limited range of the arms post-surgery, you will need to have someone else drive you home after your procedure and have them drive you to and from any follow-up appointments with your surgeon during recovery.

When Can I Return to Work After Breast Lift Surgery?

You should be able to return to work and light activity one week after your surgery. Still, remember that your body is healing, and don’t avoid activities that would put additional stress on the incision sites.

When Can I Resume Exercise After Breast Lift Surgery?

You can resume full exercise after three or four weeks. However, these are general guidelines; each woman is different, and her body will heal at its own rate. With that in mind, you should take it easy when it comes to slowly implementing exercise back into your regular routine. Talk to your surgeon about any lingering pain or movement limitations after the four week period.

How Should I Sleep After Breast Lift Surgery?

After breast lift surgery, you’ll want to avoid putting any pressure on the breasts and the incision areas. It is recommended that you sleep on your back to reduce anything pressing against your breasts. If you tend to move around a lot while sleeping, you can try placing pillows underneath your back to prop yourself up to help you stay in that position as you sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Lift Surgery

  • An ideal breast lift candidate will be in good health and will have maintained a stable weight for several months. A breast lift may be right for you if you experience sagging breasts, droopy nipples, enlarged areolas, or asymmetrical breasts.

  • Breast lift surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in two to three hours.

  • We operate in the privacy and comfort of our fully accredited cosmetic surgery suites in Miami and Tampa Bay.

  • Breast lift surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia.

  • Combining a breast augmentation with your breast lift is a personal decision. If you want to add volume to your breasts and make them larger, then adding a breast augmentation with your breast lift might work best for you.

  • The price of your breast lift surgery will vary based on the correction required and if any additional techniques are combined. Other considerations, such as surgical fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees, will all affect the final cost of your procedure. A detailed quote will be provided during your free consultation.

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