A loss of elasticity in the tissues due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging can leave you with a sagging, unattractive breast appearance. Breast ptosis is unavoidable for many women, and there is no at-home trick to restore the look of your breasts. Breast lift surgery can restore the shape and firmness of your breasts, helping you regain confidence in your body.

The Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Lifts sagging breasts
  • Reshapes breast tissue for a better silhouette
  • Repositions the nipple-areola complex for improved nipple projection
  • Resizes enlarged areolas for a more natural appearance

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Breast Lift

Incision Types

  • Donut incision remedies low levels of ptosis by placing a single incision around the outer border of the areola. This technique addresses the least amount sagging.
  • Lollipop incision addresses moderate sagging. An incision is created around the outer border of the areola and then runs vertically down the lower breast tissue.
  • Anchor incision provides the most extensive correction for severe breast droop. Your surgeon will place an incision that runs around the areola, vertically down the lower breast tissue, and horizontally across the lower breast crease.

Areola Reduction

It is common to develop enlarged areolas when you have breast ptosis. For many women, their areolas contribute to an unbalanced or unnatural appearance because they take up a significant portion of the breast surface. During a breast lift, we can reduce the size of the areolas and reposition the nipple-areola complex to restore a more attractive and symmetrical breast appearance.

Better Comfort

Breast sagging can also be accompanied by volume loss, making you feel that your breasts are too small. Women looking to improve the size as well as the shape of their breasts will often consider using implants in conjunction with a breast lift to achieve their ideal results. You can choose between saline and silicone implants to achieve the look and feel you desire. Combining procedures can ensure better-looking and longer-lasting results for most qualified patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An ideal breast lift candidate will be in good health and will have maintained a stable weight for several months. You may consider a breast lift if you have one or more of the following issues:

  • Sagging breasts that have lost shape and volume
  • Flat, elongated, or pendulous breasts
  • Nipples that fall below the breast crease
  • Nipples that point downward
  • Stretched skin and enlarged areolas
  • One breast that is lower than the other

Breast lift surgery is an outpatient procedure and performed in two to three hours.

We operate in the privacy and comfort of our fully accredited cosmetic surgery suites in Tampa Bay.

Breast lift surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia.

It is normal to feel slight discomfort following surgery and to experience bruising and swelling. You will wear a surgical support bra throughout your recovery. You should be able to return to work and light activity one week after your surgery. You can resume full exercise after three or four weeks. However, these are general guidelines; each woman is different, and her body will heal at its own rate.

The price of your breast lift surgery will vary based on the correction required and if any additional techniques are combined. Other considerations such as surgical fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees will all affect the final cost of your procedure. A detailed quote will be provided during your free consultation.