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Brow Lift Surgery
in Tampa, FL


Brow Lift Surgery

Deep wrinkles across the forehead and “frown lines” between the eyes can misrepresent your true emotions. You might look perpetually sad, angry, tired, or much older than your true age. A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure that permanently corrects these deep wrinkles. “Crow’s feet” and sagging upper eyelids can also be improved with this procedure. A brow lift can subtract many years from one’s appearance as it adds youthfulness and balance to the entire face.

The Benefits of Brow Lift Surgery

  • Subtracts years from your appearance
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence
  • Balances facial features

Achieved With Brow Lift Surgery


A Natural Look

Since the surgeons at Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery use techniques that relax the underlying forehead muscles, our brow lift patients never have a “pulled” or surprised appearance. The wrinkles will be softened if not completely eliminated, and you will still look like yourself after the procedure.

Genuine Facial Expressions

A brow lift will prevent a chronically tired, sad, or angry appearance. Without excess wrinkles and sagging forehead skin, others will no longer misread your true emotions.

A Youthful Appearance

A brow lift can take years off of your appearance as it tightens the skin and facial muscles and balances the forehead with all the other facial features. Friends and family will notice you look much younger, but they may not be able to determine what you’ve done.


With genuine facial expressions and a youthful glow, brow lift surgery will help you exude confidence. You will no longer feel like you need to avoid certain facial expressions that emphasize your wrinkles and fine lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Those who have significant sagging in the upper eyelids as well as forehead wrinkles will experience the best results with a combination of eyelid lift surgery and brow lift surgery. The surgeons at Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery will help you decide on the best procedure(s) for you depending on your physical anatomy and the results you desire.

  • The forehead area may be swollen and bruised after surgery, which is temporary and can be minimized with cold compresses. Most patients take two weeks off from work but feel well enough to resume regular activity after a few days. You will be scheduled for a series of follow-up visits at our facility in either Miami or Tampa Bay to check on your progress.

  • There will be no pain during surgery since general anesthesia is used. After surgery, patients experience some discomfort that can be managed with prescribed pain medication and cold compresses.

  • Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers a variety of financing options to help you pay for your surgery. Because the extent of brow lift surgery varies from patient to patient, you can expect the cost to differ depending on the individual.

  • There will be a scar from the front of one ear that extends to the top of the head, across the top of the forehead, and down to the front of the opposite ear. The scar will fade significantly with time and is hidden within the hairline.

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