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November 24, 2016 | Brazilian Butt Lift

5 Reasons a Brazilian Butt Lift Is Better Than Butt Implants


Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After PhotosOne of the most popular plastic surgery trends this year is the Brazilian Butt Lift trend. This natural butt augmentation procedure has gained traction in part thanks to celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, whose ample behinds are the envy of women around the world. While butt augmentation with butt implants can also produce excellent results, the Brazilian Butt Lift has several benefits that make it a better butt augmentation procedure for many individuals.

1. The Brazilian Butt Lift uses natural fat from the patient’s body to add volume to the buttocks.

While synthetic silicone implants are used for butt augmentation with implants, the patient’s own fat is used for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. No foreign materials are permanently inserted into the body, and therefore, there is no risk of the body rejecting the material. Fat is natural in the buttocks and will graft into the tissues, producing permanent results that will look as though the grafted fat has always been there.

2. The Brazilian Butt Lift removes excess fat to improve body contours.

Butt implants may enhance the shape of the buttocks, but the Brazilian Butt Lift enhances more areas of the body as well. The fat that is injected into the buttocks must first be extracted from elsewhere on the body. Areas with surplus fat are the perfect places from which to harvest the fat. By removing fat cells from these areas and redistributing it to the buttocks, these areas of the body become thinner and more toned while the buttocks become rounder and fuller. As a result, your overall body shape is improved.

3. The Brazilian Butt Lift has less scarring.

For Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, only small incisions need to be made to remove unwanted fat from the body, and the purified fat is injected into the buttocks with fine needles. On the other hand, butt implants require long incisions through which the implants can be inserted. The smaller incisions for the Brazilian Butt Lift result in less scarring.

4. The Brazilian Butt Lift has a shorter recovery period.

While both types of butt augmentation have a surgical recovery period, the recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift is shorter. The body tends to heal more quickly after liposuction with fat injections than after butt augmentation surgery with its long incisions and the insertion of foreign implants.

5. The Brazilian Butt Lift produces subtle, realistic results.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery accomplishes the elusive goal of natural-looking butt augmentation. Butt implants tend to produce more dramatic results that make the buttocks appear noticeably augmented. For those who desire more natural, subtle, and realistic results after butt augmentation, the Brazilian Butt Lift is the best choice.

To learn more about the benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, schedule your free consultation here at PREMIERE Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Call 813-400-1465 or complete our online contact form to book your appointment today.

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