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September 08, 2021 | Breast Surgery

What Breast Procedures Can Affect My Ability to Breastfeed?


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While many women wish to breastfeed, various factors can affect their ability to produce milk. Because of this, women are often concerned about which plastic surgery breast procedures may affect their ability to breastfeed future children. 

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Keep reading for a complete overview of which procedures can affect a woman’s ability to breastfeed and why.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has the potential to impact the nerves and ducts within the breast, which can then impact breastfeeding. Still, there are potential solutions to this problem. Statistics show that getting your breast implants below the muscle typically affects breast production less than having the breast implants above the muscle.

Breast augmentation can help a woman feel more confident and comfortable in her body. If you are concerned about breastfeeding complications, speak to your plastic surgeon about this during your breast augmentation consultation.

Breast Lift

Often, a breast lift has little impact on a woman’s ability to breastfeed as long as the nipple is not removed from the breast and no nerves are damaged during the procedure. 

While it will depend on the doctor’s technique, most women who could breastfeed before a breast lift can also do so after. You should speak to your plastic surgeon about your concerns before proceeding with a breast lift. They will be able to explain the technique they use and the risk factors. A breast lift often gives a woman a new sense of confidence and self.

Breast Reduction

Out of all the breast procedures, a breast reduction has the highest risk of impacting women’s ability to breastfeed. It’s estimated that about 50 percent of women who undergo a breast reduction have difficulties with milk production after their procedure. This is because breast reduction is a much more invasive surgery and removes a significant amount of glandular tissue from the breast.

Still, most women who get breast reduction do so for serious reasons, such as back pain, social discomfort, and low self-esteem. Therefore, the benefits of this procedure far outweigh the risk of reduced breastfeeding.

Speak With Your Doctor

If you have concerns that your breast procedure will impact your ability to breastfeed, it is best to speak with your plastic surgeon. They can tell you their past experiences and the number of women they have worked on who have had milk production issues.

Book Your Consultation for Your Breast Procedure Today!

It all starts with a consultation. During your consultation, your doctor will go over any concerns, and questions you may have, so you feel comfortable moving ahead with the booking. Consultations are free, no-pressure, and are there to help you make the best decision for yourself.

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