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July 11, 2012 | Rhinoplasty

What are my expectations for a Tip Rhinoplasty


Judging by the photo provided, you are interested in having a Rhinoplasty or tip plasty. I think you close up of male patient's nosewould get a marked improvement from a variety of techniques. Placing a small graft over the tip cartilages would cover the cleft between them.  It will add slight increase in projection, that may or may not be desirable.  This could be performed by an open or closed technique.  With an open technique the cartilages could be modified and just suture together to eliminate the cleft, but would make the tip a little narrower.  Every one is different, and although you provided a photo, nothing beats a actual physical consultation. Schedule a free consultation at Premiere Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Miami or Tampa with one of our board certified plastic surgeons to get started.

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