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July 01, 2021 | Blepharoplasty

How Long Will My Vision Be Impaired After Blepharoplasty?


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If you are planning to have eyelid surgery, you may be worried that your vision will be impaired after the procedure. While this is true in some cases, most patients find that their vision is only affected for a few days. In fact, most people who experience blurry vision following blepharoplasty report that they can see correctly within a few hours of surgery.

Let’s look at the eyelid surgery recovery process and what to expect with your vision after blepharoplasty.

Women getting bandages removed from her upper eyelids that are common after an eyelid surgery.

Does Blepharoplasty Affect Vision?

Patients often experience blurred vision immediately after having blepharoplasty because of the work being done to the upper and lower eyelids. This is caused by eyelid swelling, which can affect the cornea and cause slight distortion. This problem will usually get better by itself within a few hours.

Swollen eyelids can also make your eyes feel drier than they usually would. Usually, this problem will only last between one and three days after surgery. 

Post-operative swelling can also mean that you can’t close your eyelids fully for a few days, making them feel dry, as the eyelids cannot distribute the tear film evenly across the eye surface. However, this issue will also clear up on its own after a few days.

It is important to understand that blepharoplasty is not eye surgery and will not correct or improve your eyesight. If you are experiencing reduced peripheral vision due to sagging eyelids, this can be improved; however, this surgery does not impact the eyes themselves.

How Long Will It Take to Recover My Vision After Blepharoplasty?

Your vision will generally return to normal within a few days after having surgery, but you may need to allow yourself a couple of weeks to recover physically. Stitches are usually removed within a week of the surgery.

During the first week, it’s a good idea to ensure that you rest your eyes. Don’t spend too much time on a computer, reading, or doing close-up work — this may result in eye strain.

After having blepharoplasty, your eyelids and the surrounding area will look red and swollen. 

These common side effects will fade with time. 

During recovery, you may also find that your eyes are sensitive to light. Be sure to wear sunglasses whenever exposed to sunlight. 

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