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June 05, 2014 | Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: Sorting Through the Options


Woman making decisionWith so many options available, breast augmentation has become a completely customizable procedure. Many factors influence the way your new breasts will look, how noticeable your scars will be, and how quickly you will recover.

You will have the freedom to choose:

Saline or silicone implants

High or moderate profile implants

Implant size

Incision location

Implant placement above or below the muscle

For many women, these choices can be overwhelming, but your surgeon knows the options that will best provide the results you have in mind. Your surgeon will be there to guide you through the process and make recommendations based on your individual anatomy and needs. Your role in the process is simply to identify your goal with the procedure and to communicate it with your surgeon.


The most natural appearance

What to consider: Implant type, size, projection, and placement

The most natural-looking augmented breasts will be proportionate with your chest width in both size and projection. One of our board-certified physicians at Premiere Center of Cosmetic Surgery will evaluate your chest width to help determine the type of implant that will create the most naturally balanced appearance.

You can also choose between saline and silicone-gel implants. Silicone-gel typically provide a more natural feel. If you have a sufficient amount of breast tissue to cover the implant, placement above the muscle will look the most natural.

A more voluptuous appearance

What to consider: Implant size and projection

Many women desire more volume toward the top of the breast, which often results in more cleavage and an overall voluptuous appearance. A more voluptuous breast appearance can be achieved with a round, high-profile implant. The round implant will give added volume to the breast’s upper pole, and a higher profile will provide greater projection.

Quickest recovery time

What to consider: Implant size and placement

A larger implant size usually translates to a longer recovery time since more skin and tissue must be stretched to hold the implant. Implant placement beneath the pectoral muscle involves more maneuvering of tissues during surgery and will also result in a longer recovery time.

Fewest or shortest scars

What to consider: Implant type and incision location

Since saline implants are typically filled after they are inserted, they will require a smaller incision and result in shorter scars than silicone-gel implants.

Although scars with breast augmentation are unavoidable, they will fade over time and are will be located in inconspicuous places. The two most popular incision locations are beneath the breast along the crease and around the areola. Although the areolar scar is more noticeable in the beginning, it will become difficult to detect as it fades over time.

No matter what your preferences for breast augmentation may be, it is our goal at Premiere Center of Cosmetic Surgery to ensure your needs are met throughout the entire process –  from the initial consultation to the final result. At Premiere Center of Cosmetic Surgery, all of our plastic surgeons are board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), which ensures they have the education, training, and experience needed to safely and effectively perform your breast augmentation surgery. If you would like to schedule a consultation or learn more about the procedure, please call our Miami location at (305) 705-6152 or our Tampa location at (813) 386-5951. For your convenience, we also provide an online contact form.

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