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April 16, 2024 | Breast Implant Massage

How to Properly Perform a Breast Implant Massage


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Breast augmentation patients often want to know how to maintain their implants after surgery best. Many women can benefit from massaging their implants as it facilitates healing and may even reduce the risk of capsular contracture. This blog discusses what a breast augmentation massage is, the benefits of implant massages, what happens if you don’t massage your implants, how long it takes for implants to soften, when you should start massages, and what techniques you should use when performing massages at home.

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What Is a Breast Augmentation Massage?

People who have invested in themselves know it’s worth putting in the time and effort to do so. Many women who are preparing for breast augmentation ask about how to keep their implants looking and feeling great after their surgery. While there is not much that you need to do to maintain your implants, one suggestion that many plastic surgeons have is to perform regular breast implant massages.

Breast implant massages—also called breast augmentation massages—are massages that you can perform on yourself at home. The purpose of these massages is to help your implants settle into your chest and prevent complications from occurring.

How Are Breast Implant Massages Beneficial?

By massaging the implant, which is essentially applying pressure to it from various directions, you can help relax the scar tissue that forms around it to help prevent the possibility of the capsule shrinking and tightening. This is known as capsular contracture, an unusual but possible complication associated with implants. Capsular contracture can be painful and requires breast revision surgery to restore both comfort and aesthetics.

While there is no way to prevent scar tissue from forming, you can keep it loose and relaxed through breast implant massage.

What Happens if You Don’t Massage Your Breast Implants?

Every woman’s body heals slightly differently after breast augmentation. Additionally, every surgeon will have their recommendations for post-operative instructions and recovery tips. This essentially means that breast implant massages may not be necessary for some breast augmentation patients.

Some women may be instructed not to massage their implants if they have textured implants, as these implants are designed to lock into place once inserted. Other women with smooth shell implants (silicone or saline) may find it beneficial to massage them regularly. It is essential to check with your surgeon to find out if breast implant massages will help your recovery.

How Long Does It Take for Implants to Fully Soften?

Immediately following your breast augmentation, your breasts will feel very firm and rest higher on your chest than normal. This will not be permanent and is a result of your breasts swelling post-surgery and your muscles tightening. It will take some time for the swelling to subside and your muscles to relax, allowing the implants to soften and drop to their intended position on the chest. Generally, it takes around three to six months for your implants to soften and settle into a natural position; however, every woman’s timeline for this may vary.

When Should You Start Massaging Breast Implants?

Breast implant massages should be started early; however, you must wait for your incisions to close and heal before considering any massage techniques. Massages put pressure on the implants and the incisions, and you do not want the incisions to re-open, as this can put you at risk for infection and a prolonged recovery. Most augmentation incisions are healed enough to begin these after one week.

How to Massage Breasts After Augmentation?

Most surgeons who recommend implant massages have preferred techniques they will share with you during your consultation. While some of these massage techniques may vary slightly depending on your specific implants, they usually include the following steps:

  1. Cup your hands over one of your breasts—you will work on one implant at a time and should remove your shirt and bra so that nothing is between your hands and your breast. Gently push down on the implant for a few seconds—you can gradually apply more pressure as time goes on. Release and repeat, this time pushing up on the implant and then from side to side. Be sure that you apply pressure to all sides of the implant.
  2. Support your breast with one hand, and use your other hand to make small, circular movements around the entire breast. You should work in a clockwise motion starting at the top pole. This will keep the implant loose and soft.
  3. After a few days, you can increase the intensity of the exercises. You can start to press and squeeze the implant to ensure it is comfortable in the breast pocket.

Implant massages should initially be performed two to three times a day for three to five minutes. This routine should be followed for at least three months; however, many women find that daily breast massages have long-term benefits.

This practice is a painless and simple way to keep your implants feeling comfortable and soft and can be a useful part of your augmentation recovery. You must talk with your surgeon before starting so that you know the proper technique and timeline. Massages can help optimize your augmentation outcome, but you need to make sure that you are performing them correctly.

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