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August 17, 2012 | Breast Augmentation

Tuberous Breast Causing Low Self-Esteem


Tuberous breast means the breasts are shaped like a potato and all the breasts tissue is underneath the nipple instead of being spread out across the chest wall itself. This is simply repaired by replacing the tissue that never developed with a breast implant and then tightening the areola, which is usually too big to tighten the breasts tissue that is underneath the nipple to the implant itself and tighten up the extra skin that occurs because of this. It would be best to use a breasts implant with an areolar mastopexy for breasts asymmetries. At PREMIERE Center, we have been practicing the breast augmentation surgical procedure for over 18 years with our board certified plastic surgeons on staff ready to consult with you at either our Coral Gables / Tampa locations. Best of luck in your ultimate decision!

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