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January 19, 2013 | Blepharoplasty

Is 23 Too Young to Consider Lower Eyelid Surgery?


I am 23 years old and have always been dark under my eyes, I believe this is hereditary. Recently I have noticed this has worsened (I used to be able to cover the darkness with make up, but I seem to have more of a “hollowing” now). I am concerned about whether I am too young to be considering surgery or treatment in this area. People have been asking me if I’m tired and I am worried this will only get worse as I get older. Any advice would be appreciated.

Age is never the issue.

You will not benefit from lower eyelid surgery. You have a pronounced tear trough. You very best option is to have Restylane filler to fill in this hollow. Juevederm and the newer Belotero are not the right products for this application because these products tend to spread after injection. It is critical that the products stay precisely where they are placed. Look for a very experience injector who does a lot of under eye treatment. At PREMIERE Center, we have been practicing the Radiesse and Juvederm injectable procedures for over 19 years with our board certified plastic surgeons on staff ready to consult with you at either our Miami or Tampa locations. Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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