Although your breasts experience subtle changes in size and shape throughout your life, they undergo even more changes after having children. The breasts swell in size due to weight fluctuations during pregnancy and to allow for the production of milk afterward. The subsequent shrinkage of the milk ducts causes a dramatic shift in the look and feel of your breasts. While every woman’s body reacts differently to this occurrence and some breasts shrink back to their original form, many do not, and women often find these changes to be both physically and emotionally challenging.

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The Procedure

Breast augmentation uses implants to replenish volume left after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Once the milk ducts shrink, many women develop a deflated and flattened appearance with loose skin. Implants are inserted to restore the volume that was lost and enhance the shape of the breasts. Implants are available in saline and silicone materials with many shapes, sizes, and textures so that women can achieve a pre-pregnancy appearance. Although it may be beneficial to wait on your augmentation until after you are finished having children, the presence of implants will not affect any future pregnancies and will likely have little effect on breastfeeding.

Enhance Your Confidence

A woman’s body shifts rapidly during pregnancy. Even though it is expected, many women are not emotionally ready for these physical changes. This lack of preparation often causes detrimental effects to a woman’s confidence, and thus dampers an otherwise joyful and wondrous time in their life. Breast augmentation with implants allows women to put this cosmetic dissatisfaction behind them so that they can focus on the new experiences of motherhood.

Combine With Breast Lift Surgery for Further Enhancement

Just as breasts deflate, they also begin to lose elasticity. Unlike fatty tissue, the skin cannot always shrink back to how it once was. This means that there may be excess and loose skin after pregnancy. Because the skin is not as taut and it cannot hold the glandular tissues as tightly, gravity starts to pull the breasts down. Once this happens, enhancing the lost volume with implants is not always enough. Breast lift surgery is performed for women who experience moderate to severe ptosis. Incisions are made around the areolas and down the lower pole of the breasts to tighten the skin and improve the entire appearance of the chest. This procedure can be combined with augmentation to enhance the aesthetic of the breasts, including the size, shape, projection, and elevation.


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